It has been an honor to meet, and get to know better, so many of Baker County's citizens. Although we did not win the election, we are grateful to the support we have received and encourage everyone to stay informed, involved and committed to the foundational principles that make America and Baker County great.




Protecting your liberty and keeping government’s hands out of your pocketbooks should be the first priority of any Baker County commissioner. I will work tirelessly to ensure the county does all it can to protect the rights of its citizens and keep taxes low by balancing the county’s budget each year.

America was established on the principles of strong local self- government.  But now we see an ever increasing involvement of Washington DC controlling nearly every aspect of our lives.


This can stop.  By asserting our rights of self-government at State and County levels, we can and will keep the federal government within the boundaries that were originally meant for it.

Good government is a transparent government. I will continue my effort to inform and involve the citizens of Baker County in the decision making processes that effects their lives. Government is only as good as the people who create it.

Ultimately, we the people have a responsibility in ensuring our representatives are doing the work we want them to do. I will maintain an open door policy with this website, facebook, social media and frequent town-hall gatherings. 

As with our family budgets, counties have far more control over how much they spend than how much they receive.  Many times when dealing with budgetary issues, we find ourselves dealing with a fixed income.  When we focus too heavily on ways to generate more revenue that is when we get involved in practices outside the boundaries of what is wise.  I will focus on finding ways to spend less, that way we can avoid the pitfalls of creating false equity by inflating county assets or infringing on private enterprise.

One or two people can't accomplish this; but working together as an entire county we can!  We have the numbers and we have the plan.  Lets get busy.  Lets bring back wealth and prosperity to Baker County.


public lands

Congress authorizes the county commissioners to sit down equally with the Forest Service and BLM to develop plans that will mutually  benefit both sides.  While there is no county supremacy over these bureaucracies, Baker County doesn't have to be subordinate either.  It is Baker County's right and obligation to act on behalf of its people.

2nd amendment


Because federal authorities rely heavily on state and county law enforcement assistance to enforce federal measures, passing a county ordinance supporting the 2nd Amendment makes it difficult

for federal agencies to usurp local resources to enforce unconstitutional efforts.
Read The Proposed Ordinance HERE.


county budget

You balance your family budget each month and  you should expect your county representatives to protect and wisely manage your tax dollars each month. Keeping an open, transparent process ensures wise fiscally conservative planning.





My name is Kody Justus. I was born in Ontario, Oregon and have been a rancher in the Baker Valley since I was 13 years old.  I have deep roots which can be traced back to my Great,  Great,  Grandfather William Justus who settled in the Rye Valley area of Baker County in 1891.  My Great Grandfather and Grandfather later moved to Vale, Oregon.


In 1986 my father, B. Kent Justus, purchased the ranch I currently work and live at.  He purchased the ranch with virtually no equity; 100% on credit.  It was thought to be impossible to succeed with such a start, but now, almost thirty years later, his endeavor qualifies as success by most standards and gives me a special appreciation for “sweat equity”.


Here are a few of my life’s highlights, so far:


Occupation: Cattle Rancher


Occupational Background:  1989-92 US Army, served in Germany and Kuwait, Ranch operation, management, budgeting, ownership, and Correctional Officer.


Educational Background: Graduated Baker High School 1989, Future Farmers of America leadership, Department of Public Standards and Training,  Basic Corrections at Western Oregon University at Monmouth, American Lands Council Seminar with Utah State Representative Ken Ivory on the transfer of public lands, Coordination seminar 101 -  Fred Kelly Grant.


Prior Governmental Experience: Elected Precinct Committee Person, Current Vice-Chair of Baker County Republican Party, Baker County Natural Resource Advisory Committee member, Coordinator Baker County Chapter of Oath Keepers, Member Forest Access For All, Member/Volunteer Agape Christian Center.



I am alarmed by the direction State and Federal Agencies have taken in managing people,  rather than the natural resources. The BLM has changed their management decisions based on the threat of the Sage Grouse being listed as an endangered species.  The Grouse was not listed but BLM is still implementing the new Range Management Plan.  The Forest Service is more concerned with where I drive, than management of our public lands and reducing fuel loads which could contribute to our local economy.  After the tragic fires in 2015, the Forest Service still maintains the roads are a threat to our public lands.   As Commissioner, my focus will be on removing roadblocks and doing what is best for our County.


I am a man of principle, and a limited government conservative who believes government should protect private property rights and individual liberties,  not undermine those rights through intrusive, overreaching regulations.


I am for local control of our public lands and as Commissioner I will work to bring the management of public lands to the local level.


I am a strong supporter of the Second Amendment.  I support Baker County passing an ordinance to protect second Amendment rights in Baker County.


I became involved in county affairs only to learn that Baker County was being railroaded by the Forest Service, the Bureau of Land Management, and federal law enforcement officers. It is evident that there is an escalating loss of local control at nearly every level through consensual agreements and the allowance of the blatant over reach of big government.


When I take my oath of office I will defend life, liberty, property, and honor the original intent of our founding fathers.  I am tired of having my elected representatives explain bureaucracy to me,  rather than support the Constitutional rights of individual citizens. I have common sense, strong spiritual values, confidence and courage to make our views heard in public forums.


Baker County Wildfire Documentary

Fire On The Mountain


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You are the solution. An informed and involved group of citizens, committed to local control of government are the solution to a host of problems we see every day.


So do something about it and sign up as a volunteer right now!


There's lots to do, from getting a lawn sign, to helping out on social media, attending meetings, and informing/involving your friends and neighbors.


Thank you!